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Layla Eyre Trainings

Ihr Personal Training in Oberstrass

Ich spreche Deutsch und au Schwiizerdütsch

           LETs AS A CHILD


Born and bred in England, I tried every  possible activity; Ballet, Tap, Modern, Hip Hop, different forms of Martial Arts, Trampolining, Snowboarding, Power Boating etc

I knew back then I had the passion for physical activity. I gave it my all in everything I set my eyes on.

I came across Wakeboarding when I was 9 years old and knew instantly that I wanted to take this hobby to the next level. I competed in the National and European Championships in Professional Ladies. I was planned to represent Great Britain in the World Championships, however, I could not participate due to a severe injury a week before the competition.

2009 - Wake & Ski Academy - 1st Ladies (Wakeboarding)

2009 - Air Nautique Riders League - 1st Ladies (Wakeboarding)

2009 - World of the Wake - 1st Junior Women (Wakeboarding)

2009 - Junior Championships - 2nd Junior Women (Wakeboarding)

2009 - Ryan Birch Memorial - 5th Professional Ladies (Wakeboarding)

2008 - UK National Street Dance Competition - 2nd Open Duo (Hip Hop Dancing)

2008 - "Sin" The Brays Music  Video (Dancing)

2008 - Water Safety Rescue Operator (K38)

2007 - Power Boat & Sea Survival Level 2

2004 - European Championships - 5th Professional Ladies (Wakeboarding)

2004 - UK British Tour - 3rd Professional Ladies (Wakeboarding)

2004 - Live 2 Ride - 1st Ladies  -(Wakeboarding)

2002 - UK Nationals - 3rd Rookie Ladies (Wakeboarding)



Unfortunately, I was injured many times due to wakeboarding, resulting in many season breaks and a lot of physical pain. Not being in a competitive sport, I still felt the urge to keep my fitness level high by continuing to Hip Hop dance and coach, Pole Dancing, jogging, etc.

After studying my A-Levels in England, I moved over to Switzerland and began to coach group fitness classes such as Bootcamps, Legs Bums & Tums, Step & Tone, aerobics etc.

I started to compete in Spartan Races for the Swiss Ladies through a CrossFit group and simply got addicted. This was like Wakeboarding all over again. Having that competitiveness back in my life was like finding Gold.

2023 - Switzerland -  Marathon Finisher

2021 - France -  Spartan Race - 2nd in Age Group Category 

(Qualified to World Championships 2018/19)

2019 - Ireland -  Spartan Race - 2nd in Age Group Category 

2019 - Spain -  Spartan Race -  (Qualified to European Championships) 

2018 - Greece -  Spartan Trifecta World Championships 

2018 - France -  Spartan Race - European Championship - 23rd in Age Group Category

2018 - Italy - Spartan Race - 3rd in Age Category

2017 & 2018 - England - Tough Mudder Race

2017- Austria - Spartan Trifecta Race - (Qualified to European Championships)

2017 - Switzerland - Muddy Angel Charity Run 

2017 - Switzerland - Spartacus Race 

2016 - Austria - Spartan Trifecta Race

2015 & 2016 - Crossfit Open Competition

2015 - Italy - Spartan Race - 2x Super Race

2010 - Stamford Bootcamp Surviver

2010 - Sport A-Level

2009 - A-S Level Dance

2009 - Edinburgh Moonwalk - Half Marathon


Whilst living in Switzerland, I started working at Starbucks as a Barista and working up the career ladder to a Store Manager. Managing my own store and seeing how happy people were when they received a perfect cup of coffee made me realise that I wanted to start my own Fitness Business and make a difference in people's lives by improving their fitness and well-being.


I did various courses to help me get all the correct qualifications to set up my own business.

Layla Eyre Trainings was founded in 2018

2021-2024 - Bachelor in Sport & Exercise Psychology

2023 - CrossFit® Level 2 Trainer

2018-2023 - QualiCert Certified

2021 - Fundamentals of Mobility

2019 - ICG® Basic Level Indoor Cycling

2019 - Prenatal and Postpartum Exercise Design

2019 - Complete guide to TRX® Suspension Training®

2018 - CrossFit® Level 1 Trainer

2017 - Precision Nutrition Level 1 Certified

2017 - Personal Trainer

2017 - Fitness Trainer

2015 - Muscle Activity Excellence (M.A.X)

2012 - Gymstick Course Level 1

2010 - Exercise to Music Level 2

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