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"Layla is extremely knowledgable with the human body and the way it works giving you the best exercise routines to compliment the way in which your body will benefit.  

My arthritic pains and aches seem so much better and relieved whilst exercising with her and Layla seems to know just how far she can push your body.  After having a training session with Layla I feel totally invigorated and my body feels the benefit almost immediately.  Her constantly smiling face makes me want to exercise and train with her and she demonstrates the exercise in a way in which you understand easily.  She motivates and trains you in a way which is fun, whether it is in a class environment or on-line,

I would not hesitate to recommend Layla as a personal trainer (or one of her classes) to anyone who wants a high impact routine, a medium impact routine or even a routine to keep them muscles and joints fit and healthy - nobody wants to endure a sciatic nerve problem😉.  Layla is totally dedicated in helping you exercise and getting the best out of your body.  An amazing Personal Trainer!"

Sue, Semi Retired


"Trainings with Layla are amongst the highlights of my week. Her workouts are a perfect mix between fun and challenging. Layla motivates me and pushes me to go further. She takes her time to get to know your aims, expectations, and limits. Layla has helped me get back into shape after giving birth and her careful guidance, patience, and positive energy have made this challenging endeavor so much easier – and lots of fun!

She is a super friendly, knowledgeable and careful, and her trainings are equally fun and effective on- and offline. Especially during these exceptional times we are in, Layla has helped me stay healthy, motivated and fit by offering online trainings. These virtual workouts provide necessary breaks during monotonous home office days. I highly recommend Layla’s personal trainings!"


Catherine, Lecturer at the University of Zurich


"Layla has been an absolutely amazing support in keeping me fit and sane during these very unusual times of Covid19. I look forward to her popping into my lounge via internet and helping me stay fit whilst staying home.

Layla gives a personalised workout, fantastic nutrition advice and im sure if she could stretch her arms through my ipad  whilst training at home she would correct any of those moves not perfect. I see her brutally looking through that screen while scrutinising every move I make. She has listened and heard all my weaknesses and worked with me on building them into strengths. She is brutal and brilliant. You feel completely confident in her hands.

I can highly recommend putting your well-being in Layla’s hands. She will encourage you and help get you to the goals set then support you on continuing your journey to stay healthy and fit by working with you in your personalised programme. She will push you far beyond that where you thought you could be. Just love training with her she is bubbly,  has a beautiful caring personality and makes training rewarding"

Linda, Credit Controller


"I have trained with Layla for just over a year now. Layla is Professional, knowledgable and extremely enthusiastic about health and fitness. Layla motivated me by being passionate about what she does, praising my achievements, however small and setting targets which challenged me. 


Layla does not just provide personal training, she provides the whole package which includes: elite training; nutrition advice; muscle and joint care; relaxation techniques and sometimes just a listening ear when I had a bad day at work.


Layla tailors my training to match my needs. My training with Layla has been a success. I have lost 65kgs, 5 clothes sizes and can run 5k without stopping. I look forward to reaching further goals with Layla."

Kate, MD

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