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           MUSCLE TONE

You are happy with your weight and now looking to tone up your muscles, LETs can help you create a defined physique with guidance of lifting heavier weights with fewer repetitions to generate an ideal toned body to your liking. 

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           PRE & POST-NATAL


Pre & Post Natal exercises will help to improve the Mother's energy levels, sleeping patterns and retain muscle strength. Performing cardio, core and strength exercises during and after pregnancy is key to help mothers get back on track faster after the birth of their child. A Pre & Post Natal Program is fantastic for mothers who want to stay fit, improve their fitness, increase self-confidence and self-esteem whilst being pregnant or after giving birth.

Core Exercise
           CORE STRENGTH

Having a strong core is important for everyday/functional movements. Having pains in your back could potentially mean that you have a lack of core strength. Incorporating core strength exercises in our fitness regime could help to reduce your day to day pains and improve your foundation fitness level.

Personal Trainer Stretching Session


Driving or flying a lot with business, having a job that requires you sitting down a lot can drastically reduce the mobility your joints such as your hips and shoulders. Providing mobility exercises within your fitness regime will help restore the range of motion back into your joints and improve your posture. Increasing the mobility in your joints can reduce the "day to day pains" and potential injuries when sudden movements occur.

Sporty Woman Lifting a Medicine Ball


Functional Training is known as performing exercises that incorporates daily movements.

Everyday we execute the following exercises such as deadlifts, squats and shoulder presses.

When we can integrate these functional movements and convert them into challenging exercises with support and assistance from LETs, this will lead to execute our daily movements easier, having the correct posture and form, with less chance of injury. Having a strong foundation of functional movements is a great stepping stone to build up your fitness level.

TRX Program


LETs has the facilities to provide suspension training within your program. Suspension Training focuses on body weight exercises with different types of training methods such as anaerobic, aerobic, strength, core, flexibility, mobility, etc. This piece of equipment is a fun way to exercise with just taking advantage of our body weight. 

Healthy Food


It is known that "Six packs are made in the Kitchen" This statement is not wrong. Having a balanced nutrition plan helps you to perform at your best in your private, business or workout life. Being aware of your nutrition can help to reduce potential physical and mental health risks such as diabetes, heart disease, obesity, stress, depression, anxiety, etc. Being able to control your eating habits is key and LETs can support you in the right direction to help you make the correct choices in your kitchen for a balanced lifestyle.

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